Lord Impaler – A Fire That Burns

Published on Juni 7, 2016 by HellNoise

Lord Impaler – A Fire That Burns
taken from „Carved By The Winds Eternal“ (2016) 3-way split with Dizziness & Hell Poemer

Engineered and recorded by Lord Impaler
Drums engineered and recorded by Thanos Mylonas Mixed and mastered by Tragon and Lord Nebulah

>From the press release:
„From the northwest Greek mountains old-school black metallers Lord Impaler, active since the dark 90’s along with Obscure black metal horde Hell Poemer join forces with the Athenian Ancient-cult black metal of Dizziness.“
OUT NOW on CD, tape and digital formats.


Many moons ago
I tossed myself away
I baptized my body in the river of revenge I baptized my spirit in the fire that burns deep in the bowels of this earth

For nineteen Aeons
I was cursed to walk this land
With the weight of the world placed upon my shoulders The ancient call to break the spell and set the world ablaze (with a fire that burns)

I have a dream
To destroy your gods
To break their knees
And watch them fall in ruin

Σηκώνω το ποτήρι μου
Και καλωσορίζω το αναπόφευκτο
Και καθώς τα σφυριά της κακοτυχίας
Σμιλεύουν τη μοίρα μου
Εγώ γελάω.
Στεφανωμένος ένα πικρό στέμμα
Και καθισμένος στον θρόνο της τραγωδίας
Ως βασιλιάς ενός άλλου τόπου
Ενδεδυμένος την πλήρη αρματωσιά μου

I raise my glass
And welcome the inevitable
And as the hammers of misfortune
Forge my fate,
I laugh

Crowned a bitter crown
Enthroned on a throne of tragedy
King of another world
(dressed) in full regalia
I laugh…
And burn!

Homepage: http://www.lordimpaler.com


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