Maggot Bath – FULL ALBUM

Published on Juli 3, 2016 by HellNoise

Fresh sludgecore band from Melbourne, Australia since 2015. This is their first full lenght album, after a couple of EPs and a demo.

Self-released on May 2016 (digital format).

01.[00:00] Turd Collector
02.[02:09] Gaping Slag
03.[02:45] Gore Bag
04.[05:12] Fecaluria
05.[06:21] Maggot Charmer
06.[07:15] Rat Diary
07.[08:35] Snuff Film
08.[10:35] Gut Scraper
09.[11:45] Meat Hook
10.[12:44] Moist Comfort
11.[14:05] Pig Cum
12.[15:56] Queef Machine

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