Anphisbenah [DeathMetal]

The band began in 1996, in 1998 was recorded 4 songs for a demo called Initiates the Horrendous, this demo has been distributed for free in tape and CDR format for several magazines, radios, labels, fans, web sites, bands and friends.

In 1999 the band received support from M&M Hardgore Music and So It Is Done Prod. to release the same recording in CD format.The band also participated in a few compilations such as Neoblast Compilation ’99 and Rock Soldiers, as well as some tape compilations distributed with magazines and zines.

Until 2002 Anphisbenah did not have a drummer which made it impossible to perform live gigs.

In 2002 Anphisbenah with a new line-up started rehearsing for the new CD called Infinite Mutable Fundamental Form, which is currently being distributed to labels in search for support in releasing the material in greater and faster conditions.

The musical proposal of the band is defined by the members as „unpredictable“, going through all the extreme metal genres the bands musical intentions are to have a sound unpredictable to the listener, using a highly deversified amount of riffs and notes, this turns their music hard to predict what will come next after each part of each song. The idea is to make the music difficult for first time listeners to guess what will come next, this effort is above all to make songs which are interesting for the listeners as well as for the musicians of the band „we would hate to play the same riff over and over so we deversify to make it more fun“.

The lyrics of the band express hate in several forms of its natural causes, a great amount of frustation and desilusion to the lies and hipocrisy of our society today, human relations, ideals, profecies, laws, religions, tabus, and values are constantly questioned during the whole extent of the songs. The band has no intention of ofending, but questioning to the core of the subject every concept of human existance as a modern society. In contrary to most bands.

Anphisbenah is dedicated to speaking about human real life facts and ideas, leaving behind all the fantasy world of ghosts, afterlifes, monsters, devils, unhuman life forms, fairy tales and other folclore comonly encounter in most lyrics. A diferent way of seeing things, puting ones thought and capacity in concentration for its own self to acheive and suceed in what is desired by the means of self obtaining knoledge and standing up with atitude against the rules of our society. Trust in mind as a guide so all people can do their best.

Anphisbenah current line-up is:

André Pires – Bass
Cesar de Cesaro – Vocals
Trouver – Drums
Ricardo Lopes – Guitars

official Website:

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