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I WARNED YOU has published a new music video to the new single, called “Limitless”. https://facebook.com/iwycore https://bandzone.cz/iwarnedyou https://instagram.com/iwarnedyouofficial/ https://twitter.com/iwarnedyouOFFIC/ Recorded in Nejdek, Czech Republic Mix/Master by Marc Görtz Directed by Radim Věžník

Puppet Arms – new video

During the last years the Danish rock quartet Puppet Arms have been on a musical journey to redefine their sound and expression. Puppet Arms are now proud to present the first results in their new music video The Cut.  

Ibyss – „Last Stitch Remix“ and „Obsidian“ Press release

German Industrial-Metal newcomers Ibyss have recently released a first Remix-single for Last Stitch off their self-produced debut album Obsidian: The track has been remixed by Frank Rotten, the mastermind behind the German band Reactive Black. Additionaly, their debut album offers… Weiterlesen →

Chugger [Swedish groove death metal]

This year marks the release of our brand new album ‚Human Plague‘, the much anticipated follow-up to 2013’s release ‚Scars‘. To be released under record label Rambo Music, a division of GAIN Music Entertainment/Sony Music, the album contains eleven songs… Weiterlesen →

HELLRAISER – Nightmare

First extract from „REVENGE OF THE PHOENIX“: HELLRAISER’s first EP, out in july 2014. Pure Heavy Metal made in Italy

Undersave – Video

Finally it’s concluded the first video of UNDERSAVE! Drawn from the first song that gives title to the album, from concert footage to promote it and other footage made for the purpose; Diogo still does not appear in this video… Weiterlesen →

Holy Shire – Video + News

We’re an Italian fantasy metal band with two female singers and a flute player in addition to the classic rock metal line up. We play original music besides a particular cover of Greensleeves and our lyrics are inspired by fantasy… Weiterlesen →

Dutch Thrashmetalcore Band BLEED

Dutch thrashmetalcore band BLEED, who are currently in the final (mixing) stages of their upcoming album „Seven Billion Demons, have uploaded a cover of Pantera’s „Fucking Hostile“ for the Covers from Hell competition. You can view their version of this… Weiterlesen →

The Green River Burial Music Video released

The Green River Burial just released a new Live Music Video of their song „The Big Rip“ via Impericon.com. All scenes were filmed at the Drop The Bomb Party in Berlin earlier this year. The track is off of the… Weiterlesen →

Metal Tank Records re-releases Panikks Unbearable Conditions

Metal Tank Records re-released the long-time sold out album from one of the major Slovenian thrash metal acts; PANIKK, entitled UNBEARABLE CONDITIONS. The second edition features alternative packaging and advanced track-listing. Mastermind „Gapa Flere“ comments: Expect nothing but sick untamed bay area thrash metal… Weiterlesen →

Circle of Witches – Rock the Evil

Metal Tank Records signed the Italian Stoner / Rock sensation CIRCLE OF WITCHES. The band will release their upcoming album entitled „Rock the Evil“ on February 15, 2014.The first preview from the album has been posted on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCJEEP2wvbk

THRAW released first single from „Decoding the Past“ entitled „Beats of Aggression“

„If you like the agression, complexity and brutallity of Dark Angel, Sadus, Razor etc., combined with the sense of melody, put into limelight by Forbidden and alike, then Thraw will surely become one of your favourite acts to bang your… Weiterlesen →

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