Delirium X Tremens [DeathMetal]

The band was formed in Agordo near Belluno at the end of 1998 as Delirium Tremens. Its line up was radically different to the current one.Initially the band gathers a wide cover repertoire spawng from death and black metal aiming to play some live dates in the pubs of their district.The bands begins its live activity and reaches wide popularity.

The name of the band spread fast but line up problems rose , leading to the abandon of both guitar players and the drummer.Matteo De Mori and Alberto Da Rech immediately began to look for technically gifted and motivated substituted. The new guitarist are Med and Lorenzo Baldan , both coming from other metal bands near Belluno.

The two newcomer brings new ideas and energy to the band. After a while the new drummer Giorgio Murer joins the band.After discovering a case of homonimy, the band changes its name into DELIRIUM X TREMENS , the name change sets the beginning of a new era for the band.

After some warm-up dates to improve the feeling between the band members the bands begins to compose new songs. This process ends with the of their first Mcd „CyberHuman“ in June 2003.

The Mcd was recorded at Marino De Angeli’s Majestic Studio in Scorzè near Venice.

The producer helps the band in their search for a fresh and powerful sound.

„CyberHuman“ contains five melodic death metal tracks that united the various influences of the band member , in particular from Sweden and Floridian , not forgetting their thrash background.

The tracks are linked in a sort of concept project about the alienation of men in their relationship with technology and the flattening of their taste and ideals mainly due to mass – comunication. The concepts are presented allegorically with strong images and can be interpreted in various ways.

Unfortunately Giorgio has to leave the band for personal reasons after the recording of the Mcd , but an adeguate substitute is promptly found in Thomas Lorenzi.

Delirium X Tremens next projects are various , ranging from live dates and the production of new songs. A full length cd is expected to be recorded in NovemberDecember 2004.

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