Depravity [Black/Death]

DEPRAVITY was formed in October 1999 by Dennis Geil, Christian Dasbach and Alexander Schwarzin in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. At this time, Dennis´ and Christian´s former band EUPHORIC FAILURE split up and reformed as the Hardcore/Crossover band BLYND. But beside BLYND, Dennis and Christian wanted to realize their vast musical visions, which had no place in a band like BLYND, who followed a complete different musical style. So they teamed up with Alex (who already worked with EUPHORIC FAILURE on the cult-track „Todesschwadronen“) for a Black/Death/Gothic/Grind-Metal project, exploring new musical extemes. So, DEPRAVITY was born………The first songs were „Philtre Of Immortal Taste“, „Phantsamagoria“, „Towards The Raventhrone“ and „Incarnated Depravity Versus Lethargic Sovereignity“, which already showed what the band was going to sound like. The song-writing-process has always been a cooperation of the whole band.

In summer 2000 DEPRAVITY found a female singer in Julia Vogelsberg. The band seemed to be completed and played various gigs in their area. Some new songs were written, like „Rotting In Bloom“ and „Ages In Nocturnal Solitude“, which was originally recorded by EUPHORIC FAILURE in 1998, and which then has been reconstructed by DEPRAVITY. In winter of 2001 Julia left the band, for still uknown reasons…..Nevertheless, DEPRAVITY continued writing songs. Tracks like „The I-God“ and „Sanctuary Within The Realm Of Eternal Winter“ were born at this time.

In summer 2001 DEPRAVITY was reinforced by Jens Phillips, who contributed an extraordinary lead-guitar on the songs and gave them the final cut. When Birte Krause completed the band in December 2001, DEPRAVITY recorded their debut album „Bloodbath In Paradise“, which was released in August 2002. After the recordings of the album Jens quit the band for personal reasons. In spring 2002 DEPRAVITY started writing new songs for the next Album, including tracks like „Necroslut“ and „Moshing Corpses“, showing an absolutely new side of the band.

At the time „Bloobath…..“ came out (September 2002), the band has already written new songs, including standards like „Mythdirected“ and „Let´s Fucking Die“, but also a new 24-second-long grindcore track.

In the beginning it nearly seemed impossible to find a drummer who could be able to play these insane blast speed parts,the band wanted to hear. So they decided to use a drum-computer. After a while the computer became a standard and it´s enormous speed and precision has now become a kind of a DEPRAVITY-trademark! On the edge of the new millenium DEPRAVITY started writing songs.

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