Epic [BlackMetal]

At XXXIV A.S. Lord Rebellion, one of the fallen stars of the sky has decided to take what belongs him. Gathering to the demons and their infernal legions and he has decided to finish with that that centuries behind it has begun. Having the support of a third of stars is united Darbulin, a dark knight the one which thirsty of blood, decides to already follow the road layout. Therefore you begins to give what is the incommensurable defeat to the Kingdom of the skies. After planning the first attack it is observed in the horizon to Harsh, a dark soul, which awaited to the watching and era question of time so that this entity was united and it contributed but it forces to that dark conspiracy. Being complete the legion, Rebellion decides to attack, the flames of the hell were spread burning the wings of the angels. The lightning has announced the storm That it whipped the eternity The doors of the hell have opened up The days have been made night We are proud warriors of the armada of Satan We ignore the cries and laments of the weak ones The Black Epic War has begun A new era will come, a new king will be crowned LordThe Infernal era, the era of Satan.

official Website: http://www.geocities.com/blackepicwar

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