ICON [Dutch Death/Grind]

Icon Band

After years of talking shit about each other’s music, one godforsaken evening Oogklep (BLEED, KRINGSPIERTYFUS, CARDINAL, NECROLOGY) and Ed (SHREDDED CUNT) decided to cooperate on a Satanic Death Metal / Grindcore project. After finishing six godforsaken songs, He saw that it was good.

ICON is Satanic Death/Grind with no subtlety or respect for its listeners, as Satanic Death/Grind was meant to be. A reaction to today’s overproduced, perfected and soulles metal, nothing about ICON is perfect, which is what makes it perfect.
Dutch Death/Grind outfit ICON has unleashed a teaser track for their upcoming debut EP „God to be“, showcasing the intense brutality and heaviness of all 6 songs. The release date will be anounced in the coming week.
You can view/listen to the teaser at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHP1uBG15n0

More info can be found at ICON’s facebook page fb.bandpage.com/iconofficial

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