Inactive Messiah [DeathMetal]

The band was formed back in 2001 by Lefteris (Bass), Cathrine (Drums) and Chris (Keyboards).The name of the band at that period was „Womb Of Maggots“and the first attempt to reach the metal fans was a demo cd.

One year later Dimitris (Guitars) joined the band inviting also MiNEiRo (vocals) and with this line up W.O.M. released their first cd Womb Of Maggots – „Life Odium“.

At this year (2002) the band is starting to pay more attention to its music attitude with many performances in frond of the Greek audience supporting bands as Septic Flesh and Rotting Christ.

Later the band trying to test its music abillities and to expand its popularity organized some live shows in Bulgaria and Romania playing in several cities and gaining new fans that are following the band during the shows in differend places.

Approaching the year 2004 two very importand things happened to the band. the first was the decision to change the name from Womb Of Maggots to Inactive Messiah and the second was the contract that Inactive Messiah signed up with the biggest record label (for extreme music) in Greece and an upcoming power in music bussines worldwide „Black Lotus Records“.

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