Insert Remedy – [Alternative/Metal]

In 2002 five old friends got together to play some Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds -songs as a cover band. That project never really worked out, but we realized that we might have something else to exploit instead. For long our dream has been to make art that would inspire others the same way we have been inspired by the music we love. The first thing that came to mind was, why not? And so the rumble began.

We recorded our first demo within a few months, played some gigs and came to the conclusion that we really had something going on. The passion that we put in our sound was massive and it made a lasting impression on the audiences. We continued our touring of Helsinki and rocked up more songs. As we where getting better and more ferocious, there was no turning back.

So this is here and now. Armed with our new demo (recorded on 26.-29. march 2004) we are searching for a channel to publish our music and show what we’ve got. We have a lot to say and believe that there are people out there who are in need to here it. Let the music do the talking and inspire ones thoughts.

official Website:

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