Koldborn – [MelodicDeathMetal]

Koldborn was formed in ’97 by Henrik (guitar) and Rasmus (drums), both former members of the death/ thrash band Icon Of Sin. Koldborn was formed with the purpose of playing brutal yet melodic death metal, with certain elements of semi-technical US. inspired riffings. All this with neither political nor religious motives, but with a philosophical aspect which encourages people to keep open-minded, and respect the universal flow of music from which Koldborn draws its influences.To start with, Koldborn was without any kinds of rehearsal facilities, and still lacked the presence of a vocalist, a bass player and a second guitar player. Martin Leth, a former vocalist and bass player of Saturation, Solens Skygge and Vintermørke, joined forces with Koldborn, and with him came the hellish and bestial lyrics of Koldborn, which has since fascinated and repulsed many a Koldborn fan. Casper, a former guitar player of Saturation, was brought in to complete the massive sonic attack delivered by Koldborn. In this constellation Koldborn recorded the ’99 demo tape „Blessed By Beyond“ with the legendary
Danish metal producer Jan Borsing. This demo tape was very well received by zines from all over the world (see Reviews section), and after a few concerts, Koldborn was offered a deal with one of the leading Scandinavian record labels, Diehard Music.

After signing up with Diehard Music, Koldborn was sent to record their debut album at the Starstruck studio. The studio experience turned out to be the worst imagineable!!! Due to our producer (whos name is not worth mentioning!) Koldborn ended up with a result of so poor quality, that we decided not to release it!

After a long period of evaluating, Koldborn was sent to re-record the album. This time we used our own studio facilities in Køng!?! The producer we choose to produce the album was Jacob Bredahl who himself is an active musician in HateSphere, Barcode a.o.This time, the result was killer!!! Jacob (numse doktoren) created an extremely heavy sound, which suited Koldborns groovy brutality very well.

The album album is entitled „First Enslavement“ and it is scheduled to be released October 28th. 2002

After existing for five years, Koldborn has entered the elite of Scandinavian metal bands, and has been compared to such great bands as Deicide, Morbid Angel, Edge Of Sanity and Altar. Koldborn has grown a lot as a band, and we are now ready to engage in our first attempt to enslave the underworld!

official Website: http://www.koldborn.dk

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