Nemesis [PowerMetal]

The band was formed in 1989 at the small town Klimkovice near Ostrava city by Vladislav Rybka and Lukas Lednicky and named Agressor at first. After Tomas Blaha came back from the military service, the band was renamed to Nemesis. VocalistVladimir Triskala and guitarist Marek Schneider came in on September 1990. Nemesis recorded the first demo ‚Find the truth‘ on February 1991 and the second one ‚Final exit‘ the year after. Lukas was replaced by Martin Dufka in summer 1992. Tomas left on October and the band had to start looking for a good bassguitarist. Petr Danc was found on break of the years 92/93, but he left during recording of the first album Temptation in summer and some of his parts was recorded by guest Petr Moczek (legend of Ostrava’s bass players). Michal Gasperik came after recording. Conflicts about music style (which already started during recording and kept on whole year, in which band waited for release of the album) broke the band. Vladimír Triskala left to ‚Disfigured Corpse‘, Marek Schneider started producing his new album ‚Huba plechova‘, Martin Dufka left to ‚Milion sedm‘. Vladislav Rybka started to study at conservatory and play at some theatre band.

At the beginning the band played mixture of thrash metal with death metal. First performances was played with bands like as DENET, KRABATHOR, MASSACRA, PUNGENT STENCH, ROOT. Nemesis really quickly belonged to the best heavy acts in the Czech Republic.

We started talk about comeback later year 2001. We dusted up our instruments, took new (Radim Vanko – bass, Rostislav Kosmák – vocal) and „new“ (Lukas Lednicky) members and began to play again.

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