Opus Draconis [BlackMetal]

Aeturnus is in the metal scene since 1995.

In June of 2002 Aeturnus decides to create its proper project the Opus Draconis, deriving band of Portugal. In March of 2003 already with a defined formation, they record the first work a Mcd „Necrode-secration Of Christendom “ with 5 tracksrealese by Sephiroth Prod. and Distr.(Brasil) and Dark Profanation Prod. In January of 2004 the band counts with a new formation and a new work a Split-Cd called „Enslave By Light“ release by Dark Profanation Prod. (Portugal). In March of 2004 it will realesed an album by Vergasta Records (Brazil) entitled „The Blasphemy Is My Throne“.

Opus Draconis had also been part of some compilacions: Necromance Records (Spain) launched „Necromance COMPACT DISC Sample Vol. 1 „, Metal Vox Webzine (Brazil) launched „MetalVox Vol. 2“ and for the Mydgard Records (Portugal) „COMPACT DISC Sample Vol 1“.

Opus Draconis are:
Daemonicus Vocal
Aeturnus and Terror Sathan Guitars
Geryon Bass
Necrobastard Drums

official Website: http://www.opusdraconis.cjb.net

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