Skarr [Sick Metal]

In November of 2002-after over 14 years as a drummer and numerous dissapointments in attempts to put a band together, I went to my brother „MARK“ and to the point told him I was picking up the guitar so we could start a band. Mark is my older brother and one hell of a drummer. With the enthusiasm and I thought with a little doubt, Mark took my offer. I felt this shift in instruments was long over due. So in March 2003, Me, Mark, and now „JARED“, our second guitarist/singer. Jared brought alot of talent to the table and opened up a whole new breed of sound. With my ultra low rythems and his melodic riffs, and Marks 25 years on the drums gave birth to what was to become. Having an arsenal of lyrics and alot of fresh ideas, we were ready to rock!

Nets to come to the table was „DAVE“ (Trent Reznor look-alike). „Billy Haines“ tried singing, but had not found his talent yet. However he gladly stepped in on the bass for us. Then came in Nate. Nate brought the power of a Hatebreed sound. So there was Mark, Jared, Dave, Nate and myself. We set out to make a sick metal sound. So we made a demo, by then it was May and of course we went through a few names in the process. Mandred, Siphira, Absu, Lord Caos, and a few more. But of course all these we taken. By this time we were three months in and Dave had fallen out due to personal issues, and Nate became a little unstable, missing practices and just not staying focused anymore. And at this time a handfull of rough original songs to scrape. To say the least, we were off to a pretty bad start and Siphira fell. However we were determined to keep going and follow through some how.

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