Swedish hard rock Grand Rezerva

Somebody wanted more rock n’ roll in the world and another kick ass band to deliver that. Formed in the Southern parts of Sweden by musicians who comes from a well known music scene. All with prior experience of record releases and vast amount of live performances both Europe, Asia and South America. A collaboration with Tripaway Music USA and Phibble Music USA gave the band a reason to give the people what they want. It all started at the beginning of 2009 when the band was contacted by Tripaway Music a production company in USA, who showed interest in financing songs for an EP.

The band started to arrange some songs to send to the US for an approval. Tripaway Music liked what they heard and gave the go-ahead for a recording of the EP. They also contacted Phibble Music in the US, which he had collaborated with before, to hear if the where interested in marekting and the EP in the US. They loved the idea and the project was set into motion. Afer the recording Staffan got an offer to move to L.A an offer he couldn’t resist. Instead they brought in their longtime friend Rasmus Ehrnborn also a highly skilled guitarist and producer.
At the end of 2009 Grand Rezerva released their self titled debut EP, and has since then had extensive radio play in both the US and Sweden. They we’re voted the no 4 most requested band on a US radio show and has also featured in numerous big Swedish newspaper with full-page spreads.
In 2010 after continuing air play on radio in both Europe and the US, the band decided to bring in a 2nd guitarist just to thicken the sound even more. The highly skilled guitarist and friend of the band Johan Eklund was brought in. With Johan now on board another chapter in the “Grand Story” was written.
This same year saw a continuing collaboration with Tripaway Music for a new single release. On November 15 (Nov. 19 USA) the new single “Badlands” was released.
The Captains at the Helm:
Mike C – Vocals
Rasmus Ehrnborn – Guitar
Johan Eklund – Guitar
Thomas Helgesson – Drums
Joacim Sandin – Bass

For more info: www.grandrezerva.com  or www.myspace.com/grandrezerva www.tripawaymusic.webs.com
Contact: info@punchmedia.se  tripawaymusic@gmail.com

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