Symmetry [HeavyMetal]

The band SYMMETRY appeared of the ashes of the extinct band catarinense MADNESS, founded in Joinville in the year of 1991, and, the same had already possessed previously other two names „TRAUMA and NEW ORDER“. The activities of the band continued to the year of 1997, whose only purpose was just to play covers of bands as: Iron Maiden, Helloween, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Scorpions, etc.

The two members of the band MADNESS, „Milton Maia and Jurandir Junior“ in the middle of 2001 they decided to set up a band to play Heavy Metal and that it went strange the all of the idioms that are devastating and saturating the musical market, to compose music to be among Heavy Metal melodic, traditional and progressive, and, soon soon afterwards they were integrated the band „Nâna Oliveira“ in drummer’s position and guitarist „Alceu Marques“, where finally the band appeared SYMMETRY.

In May of 2002 guitarist Alceu Marques, left the band due to private problems and for his/her place guitarist Ney Soteiro was invited.

The band still longed for and it sought for a keyboard player from his/her formation in October of 2001 to complete the line-up, when in June of 2002 Lincoln Pompermaier it was approved for keyboard player’s position, completing like this the formation initially wanted and joining musically for the perfect acting of the proposed musical style.

The intention of the band, is to have a sound own, peculiar, with an only identity, playing own music and covers, with a lot of professionalism and quality looking for to reach and to improve the level continually in the compositions of the music, to that to continue maintaining and elevating the fidelity, respect and passion more and more for Heavy Metal!!!

The future awaits us and the rest only the time will say…

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