Widow [Power/Death]

From the ashes of Sorrow Bequest, The Widow’s Lust was formed in the winter of 2000. Guitarist Cristof got together with drummer Mike and decided to form the group to express their vision of horror. Johnny and Joshua also possessed the same dark ideas and their union was inevitable.

The group is influenced by many of their own experiences, plus groups such as King Diamond,Crimson Glory, Warlord, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Yngwie Malmsteen. The Widow’s Lust explores the neo-classical side of heavy metal combined with their death metal roots. The morbid personality of each member comes together to form the unique sound of the band.

The Widow’s Lust has completed their debut recording, entitled No Stone Unturned, in the Summer of 2002. A worldwide release is imminent. The macabre songs bring to life the wicked, perverse thoughts that delight each member from day to day. The world should fear the unspeakable horror that is The Widow’s Lust.

official Website: http://www.burning-village.com

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