Woslom [Heavy/Thrash]

July 1997 — Sao Paulo, Brazil. Talking in a bar, Fernando says to Chicao that one day he would take his drums and would leave it in Chico’s house for them to play. Chicão, which has a bass guitar, doesn’t believe him, but says that’s ok. A few days later, Fernando do leave his drums at Chicao’s, which decides to start learning bass guitar. The guitar player Rogerio Burini Nociti, (or just Roger) joins them to play some songs of their favorite bands, like Metallica, Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne. Later, Tito also joins the band in rhythm guitar.

Aug/Dec. 1997 — Tito go to south region of Brazil and has to leave the band. The remaining members still go on, but are forced to make a break. Fernando and Chicao keep meeting to play once in a while.

Beggining 1998 — WOSLOM is officialy founded with the following line-up: Roger (guitar), Chicao (bass guitar) and Fernando (Drums). Fernando creates the band logo and they start rehearsing all weekends.

May/Dec 1998 — Rehearsals, rehearsals and more rehearsals. Hours and hours of hard work and WOSLOM playing in a few friend’s birthday partys.

Beggining 1999 — The band searches for a rhythm guitar and a vocal. After a lot of (frustrated) auditions, Roger ended up with the vocal and lead guitar functions.

July 1999 — Tito returns to Sao Paulo and re-join the band.

Nov./05 1999 — WOSLOM does his very first „real“ concert at Kamelao, a well-know club located in Sao Bernardo/SP. The band plays to an audience of 150 people.

Nov./07 1999 — Tito has to leave WOSLOM (again) and Peri (that once was Roger’s guitar teacher) joins the band.

December 1999 — After missing a lot of rehearsals, Peri is forced to leave the band. Once again, WOSLOM becomes a trio.

Jan./15 2000 — WOSLOM start working on his first demo, produced by Felipe Joares and record in a home-studio in the back of the Pai da Banda instrument store.

March 2000 — Through Rodrigo (Mooshadow’s guitar player), WOSLOM meets Tiago Bechara. A serie of auditions later, Tiago joins WOSLOM on the rhythm guitar.

Mar./31 2000 — WOSLOM plays at Sax’s Bar (or „Boteco do Sofra“). This was the worst live experience of the band ever. Broken amps and multi-effects, besides a terrible performance were the „highlights“ of this concert.

Abr./28 2000 — WOSLOM plays for the first time with a band of friend’s called Dead Duck (later Reverterio and more later Mr Joker) at Capone’s Bar, in Sao Bernardo.

Jun./11 2000 — The band plays at a rock contest promoted by Volkana Bar, in Sao Bernardo. WOSLOM takes the second place.

Jun./22 2000 — WOSLOM plays for the first time at Black Jack Bar, in Sao Paulo, with Guns ‚N Roses Cover. An audience of 180 people were in that concert.

Jun./29 2000 — WOSLOM plays for the second (and probably last) time at Capone’s Bar.

Jul./16 2000 — Another eliminatory of Volkana’s bands contest. This time, WOSLOM is eliminated. But Volkana’s owner, Egídio, has a different opinion of the jugdes.

Aug./04 2000 — WOSLOM does the opening act for Moonshadow and Centership at Black Jack Bar.

Aug./06 2000 — WOSLOM plays with Vikings band at Volkana Bar.

August 2000 — Legendary Attempts From Sat Afternoon, the first WOSLOM’s demo is released.

Sep./02 2000 — WOSLOM plays again Black Jack Bar with Guns ‚N Roses Cover. This time, Reunion does the opening act.

Sep./08 2000 — WOSLOM and Guns ‚N Roses Cover keep their partnership and plays together at Volkana Bar.

Oct./09 2000 — Mediate a Warner Music employee, WOSLOM and Guns ‚N Roses Cover are invited to play in Itapecerica da Serra. They play for an 16 people audience (counting the two bands members).

Nov./24 2000 — WOSLOM and Guns ‚N Roses Cover play together at Volkana Bar. More than two hunderd people went to the concert.

Dec./15 2000 — WOSLOM enters the Jaburu studio to record a demo only with Metallica covers. Duda Marsola is the producer.

Jan./05 2001 — Recording and mixing are done and the demo Woslom Remains Metallica is released.

February 2001 — Roger miss a lot of rehearsals and is expelled of the band.

March 2001 — Rodrigo Cesarino (Moonshadow’s guitar player that introduced Tiago Bechara to WOSLOM) joins the band on the lead guitar. They start looking for a frontman.

Apr./Jun. 2001 — WOSLOM decides to take a new musical direction and starts working on some more heavy, straight-forward thrash songs. Diving in this „new style“, the band decides that Legendary Attempts From Sat Afternoon is too „lite“ and the songs included in this demo are no longer part of WOSLOM’s set.

Jul./Sep. 2001 — The band does some vocal tests. In the end, Tiago Bechara takes the vocals, besides the rhythm guitar.

October 2001 — Show at Volkana Bar. First concert with Tiago on the vocal.

December 2001 — In the same weekend, WOSLOM plays at Volkana and in Sorocaba city (which was one of the best concerts of the band).

February 2002 — WOSLOM works on new material for their following demo.

April 2002 — The band is invited to play at Megacycle, but due to personal problems they’re forced to cancel the concert.

May/Jun. 2002 — Concerts at Black Jack Bar and Sincinato (Sao Bernardo).

Jul./Sep. 2002 — WOSLOM enters the 624 studio to record another demo, co-produced by Fabiano Penna (ex-Rebaelliun member).

December 2002 — The band plays with Moonshadow and 1853 in an event promoted by Corsarios Motoclub.

March 2003 — The demo From Dark To Light is released, with three new songs.

April 2003 — WOSLOM will participate from „Rock Soldiers Vol 10“ compliant with another heavy/trash bands. The crew will contribute with Growing Pale in the cast.

June 2003 — The Band plays a concert in traditionally Brigade Friday – a party from Rock Brigade Magazine – beside the BIG BAND, in Manifesto Bar (São Paulo).

July 2003 — Rodrigo Cesarino decide left the band. Rafael Iak is called for your place.

August 2003 — Rafael plays his first concert in Central Bar. The Band starts to create new songs for the next Demo.

September 2003 — It’s released the new official website on the web. It’s with an own domain and a profissional design. This site was elaborate and updated by the band.

October 2003 — The band put all your stuff to download on the web, „From Dark To Light“. The band adopt this for future works too, that happend independently, for more divulgation from their work.

October and November 2003 — WOSLOM work in new set list and compositions. The last will be record between december and january.

December 2003 — WOSLOM decide to record the new demo in 624 Produções that will occur in next january.

January and February 2004 — The guys take recorded the demo „Beyond the Inferno“. It will be available soon in march.

official Website: http://www.woslom.net

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