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Unholy War

HellNoise – How did the project form?
Hail !!! Unholy War was formed in June 2003, after I left the french BM band LORD. I spent 4 years with them, but I had to come in Germany. I started looking for a band here, or guys to play with, but after a while, I realised it was hard to find. So I decided to take the things I had already create, put them together and make the first demo of the band. “Annihilation of Mankind” was out in September 2003. Since then, one of it’s song has been produced on the “Funeral Blast Vol.12” compilation, the split with ZBT is available. And now, I’m working on mthe new demo, a split with Lord’s drummer solo project, and other songs for 2 compilations.

HellNoise – How would you describe your music style?
Unholy War is a mix of Black Metal and Thrash Metal. Some songs can be more Black, others more Thrash or a mix between both … I try to take the power and speed of Thrash and mix it with the dark and evil part of BM.

HellNoise – Which bands are your paragons?
Well … I try to avoid copying bands. But of course, listening to some music at home changes my way of creating music. I’m more into old school bands, like Kreator, Sodom, Destruction … for thrash, and bands with the old school spirit of BM, like old Mayhem, Darkthrone, Immortal, Satyricon … and new bands with the same kind of spirit.

HellNoise – Do you follow these bands? / Do you copy these bands?
No, I hope I don’t copy them. I try to make something by my own. There are so many bands now that are making just copy of other bands … it’s very sad. They just can say they are making music like one band or another. They have nothing new, just copy. I also have riffs like Darkthrone for example. But it’s just a kind of respect and not just an easy copy.

HellNoise – How do your songs come into existence?
Well, most of the time I just take my guitar, and try to find some nice riffs. Then I try to put them together. If it works I keep them, if not I can try to use them for something else, or I sometimes also delete them because after a while I think they are not good enough. Sometimes I can spend 2 hours and record nothing interesting, but sometimes I just have to start playing to find something that sounds good to me.

HellNoise – How is the reaction of the people referred to your music style? Any criticism?
I have the chance that all the people who made reviews are finding my music good. Perhaps because those who don‘t like just don‘t ask me for a copy. But I also send copies to people who have no idea of the music, and I must say I never had (for the moment …) a bad review. People are sometimes not happy with some parts, which is normal. I‘ve made mistakes with the production, the recording … and I will make other mistakes. But for the music itself, it‘s ok.

HellNoise – Why do you make music? (mission, passion, expression, hobby)
Music for me is a passion. I‘m listening to music since I‘m young … almost everyday I hear something … It‘s also an expression as it‘s my way to express my point of views on religions, satanisme … it‘s also a kind of mission as I‘m fighting against religions as a satanist band. And finally it‘s a hobby as I‘m doing this after my work, but I‘ll be glad to turn this into a job!

HellNoise – Let’s talk about your albums. / Tell us something about your albums?
For the moment the band has 2 demos. The first one was recorded in September 2003 “Annihilation of mankind”. Six songs and one intro for about 30 mn of music. Recorded by myself, but Armageddon from LORD made new programmed drums, mixing and mastering. The second one is a split with a french BM band called ZBT. Each band plays 4 songs for about 40 mn. On this one I made everything by my own. The sound is not so good as the first one, but it’s ok. With the new demo, I’m going to ask some label for a contract. For the moment I’m waiting to make the band known. I hope I’ll be able to find a deal for an official album. If not I will continue by recording and producing by my own!

HellNoise – What about the future of the band. Have you got some plans or do you just wait and see?
I have plants … new demo, one cover for a tribute, one new song for a compilation, trying to find people to make a real band, trying to find a deal for an album, sending mails and letters to get in contact with people, trading my demos with other BM bands to discover more about the UG scene … a lot of work. All traders are welcome.

HellNoise – Is there anything you want to tell the people out there? Like a final say?
The underground scene is very strong, only support the people who deserve it and stop helping the big company by buying their flat music cd without mind. They are killing the BM scene by producing always the same shit and putting thousands fucking bands on the market to get more money. Fuck off! Support the underground or die. Only the elite will survive.

HellNoise – Thank you for this interview.
Thanks to you for the support. Good luck with your great site … a lot of bands … amazing work.
Total Black Metal WAR

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