Brutally Deceased streaming entire debut album online

Jan of Lavadome productions writing & submitting very first news to your media.
We have currently decided to put the first label’s release, which is named Dead
Lovers‘ Guide
LP by old school death metal band Brutally Deceased,
completely online as we basically want to spread the band’s name to the masses
as much as we can and promote the material prior to its vinyl release in
Fall/Winter 2011 this way as well. If you can publish the information, which is
summed up below in the mail or in the attachement, through the news-feed of
your website or spread it through any other source, it would be greatly
appreciated and welcome.

of you, who have already written down a review of the album or supported this
release in any other way, may feel free to spread the info, links to the stream
through your social networks, you know the ways. You don’t need to plague your
or any other website with Brutally Deceased related stuff again if you don’t
feel like it, of course.

brief words about the label – Lavadome productions was found in fall 2010,
dedicated to releasing extreme metal, death metal respectively. Simple as that.

would definitely appreciate if you could publish Lavadome news in the future
and am looking forward to our next cooperation. More importantly, if there’s
anything you need me to fix or improve when submitting the news to you, let me
know. There should be an official announcement about new signing/second release
by the label early next week. This means I can already apply your requirements

if you would like to review the album or anything, we will be nothing but glad
to see it coming. Just ask for promo package, digital or physical, whatever.

you very much.



THE NEWS (album cover, band photos, logos and plain
text file with the news‘ text are to be found in the attachment):

Brutally Deceased streaming entire debut album online

Czech death metal quartet, Brutally Deceased, is currently
streaming online its first LP entitled „Dead Lovers‘ Guide“. If you
cherish raw, savage old school death metal in the genuine Swedish tradition you
can check out the music by heading over to band’s Bandcamp (
or Soundcloud (

album was recorded in April, 2010 and consequently released on CD format by
Lavadome productions in September. Furthermore, a vinyl release of „Dead
Lovers‘ Guide“ is scheduled for Fall/Winter 2011.

Album track listing:

1. Lustful Sodomy In The House Of God 2:50
2. Dead Lovers‘ Guide 2:23
3. Blissful Desecration 4:23
4. They Shall Feast 3:29
5. …And Here I Die Satisfied 4:29
6. A Life Once Aborted 3:00
7. Demise Of The Human Swine 4:38
8. All That Rots And Withers 3:09
9. Override Of The Overture (Dismember cover) 4:48

Total time: 33:10

Current line-up: Zlababa – vocals, Tomas – guitars, Burak – bass, Stefy – drums
Some of the members also pursue other musical activities in Heaving Earth,
Psychotic Despair, Jig-Ai.

more news and information about live appearances, visit band’s Facebook or
Myspace page.

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