ex-Immolation + Crucifier + Black Widow = MASADA „Hideous Rot“


MASADA, consisting of current/former members of IMMOLATION, GOREAPHOBIA, CRUCIFIER, and RELLIK, have released their debut mCD, „Hideous Rot,“ on DEATHGASM RECORDS! This release contains 5 tracks (both new and old) of unpolished underground Death Metal! Even more, it features a bizarre contribution from Clive Jones of the legendary 70s occult rock band BLACK WIDOW! „Hideous Rot“ is also available on cassette tape on SERPENT EVE RECORDS and will soon be available on mLP on BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS. Experience hideous rot by purchasing the mCD at //www.deathgasm.net or tape at serpenteve.rec[at]gmail[dot]com. Like MASADA on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/masadadasam.

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