Dear GRIND INC. community,

we proudly declare the upcoming birth of our long awaited and highly anticipated fourth effort of brutality entitled „LYNCH AND DISSECT“.
Check out the brand-new tracks „Lynch and dissect“ &  “Praise the light” @
This is for you crazy death metal lunatics!
The release date will be on 5 / 21 / 10 via BASTARDZED RECORDINGS



1. Stillborn paradise
2. Lynch and dissect *(Listen to @
3. Beyond recognition
4. Damned to vengeance
5. Praise the light * (Listen to @
6. Unasked heirs
7. Decimate
8. Forced to consume
9. The debate from within

Our new massacre was recorded at Catacomb Productions (GER) by Thomas Granzow & GRIND INC. Gruesome mix and mastering deeds were done by Jörg Uken @ Soundlodge studios (GER). Once again we trusted in the manic multi-abilities of Mr. Björn Goosses aka KILLUSTRATIONS for the responsible artwork-investigations. Björn also appears as a guest musician on the new album track called “Forced to consume”.

We furthermore want to thank all involved persons for “LYNCH AND DISSECT” and are looking forward to meet you all on the road to destroy your 2010 stages all over Europe. Special thanks grind out to Gustavo Sazes (Abstrata) as the responsible technician for our new MySpace page.

The release party for “LYNCH AND DISSECT” will be executed on 6 / 12 / 10 at the german source of death metal, the well known DEATH FEAST OPEN AIR 2010 @ Hünxe.
Let´s get blasted @ !