Metal Charity Project 2009

Twilight, Metal-Only und present:

On March, 14th, you can expect a very special event in Luebeck: The METAL CHARITY PROJEKT 2009. There is an awesome billing that is going to kick your metal ass. On stage there will be the headliner Hatred and One Hour Hell. The support Delusiv Mirror completes the lineup.

In the end of 2008 Hatred won the „United We Rock Bandcontest“ via online-voting and became part of the „Dubai Desert Rock Festival“. It seems that there is one mighty metal star from Germany is born. These five guys will blast your ears and give you real Thrash Metal that is totally independent, powerful and will cause a lot of neck muscle ache the next day.

One Hour Hell is a band from Sweden that plays Death/Thrash Metal. But it is too simple to describe them just like that. You definitely have to make the live experience. Get ready for a band that has got so much power and causes so much energy that they should rather be put in chains just for safety for the audience. Basically, they will present their actual debut record „Product of Massmurder“ to you.

On location, there will also be the team from „Schwermetall – der Film“ which is going to come up at the cinemas at the end of this year. This evening is supposed to be one part of that movie. The revenues, that will be gained with that evening will flow into help for children sickened by cancer and Metal-Only (Germany’s top moderated Metal internet radio).

We hope we could confirm your interest in this event and hope that a lot of you guys might appear and support us.

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