Angelcorpse – Exterminate

When I read about this band, I always confused them with AngelDUST which sounds okay. But recently I discovered my mistake and purchased my first AngelCORPSE CD. This one sounded even better! Angelcorpse is an American black metalband. And while some US death metalbands say they play black metal, this band REALLY plays that music style. Opening song ‚Christhammer‘ completely overwhelmed me. Positively I go through the rest of the album. Angelcorpse plays the same kind of black metal as Marduk and Dark Funeral but to be honest, those two bands lack in comparison to Angelcorpse. Although this CD dates back to 1997, the production is very good and the music sounds very heavy. These four madmen constantly play at top speed, but build in occasional solo’s or odd guitar loops to keep things interesting. Or listen to ‚Embrace‘ and hear vocalist Pete Helmkamp spit out extra sick demonic growls in the chorus. Although at the end of the CD I was a bit exhausted from the constant skull-smashing blasts, my end conclusion is as follows:

If you like intense and fast black metal with slight death metal influences, this is an album you really shouldn’t miss.


9/10 Points – reviewed by Bloodreaver

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