Autumn – When Lust evokes the Curse

Most people won’t now Autumn, so first a little introduction. Autumn is a Dutch gothic metal band which was founded in 1995. They are now quite well known in the dutch underground metal scene and are having concerts all over the Netherlands. They will even be playing on M’era Luna this year, although I won’t be attending the festival unfortunatly.

Their first album came out on the 24th of June 2002 and I bought it right away. I had only heard them from some samples that could be downloaded from their site. I was already impressed, but after seeing them live on Wâldrock the 23th of June 2002 I was sold. Unfortunatly I must say that the album isn’t that good as I (and a lot more fans) expected it to be and even the bandmembers weren’t that satisfied with it.

The problem was that they were assigned to a producer which was more rock-orientated. They actually wanted to go to someone else, but were advised to go to this producer (Dick Kemper). The sound is a little less bombastic, then other bands in this genre. The instruments (guitars) aren’t that good to hear on the album.

But this shouldn’t keep anyone from checking out this cd or this band.

The cd is good enough, but could be better and unfortunatly not very representive for the band, although they play the same songs live as well. If you like the album, you will definitely like them live! Live they are a very powerfull band and they have a very good connection with the audience.

They now hope to start on their second album soon and they promised us that this one will be better then their last.


9/10 – reviewed by Corvus Corax

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