Bitchsplitter – Botch’t Abortion

01. Balls Deep In The Dead
02. Bludgeoned
03. Legendary Suffering
04. Bled White
05. Autopsy Gorgasm
06. Beset By Parasites
07. Drown In Bleach
08. Jailbait Torture

Hailing from Southern Albertan in Canada, Bitchsplitter are here to severe your head with noise and more noise. Botch’t Abortion is their debut release and contains a sick, disturbed front cover. And yes, Bitchsplitter play Grindcore. Are you surprised yet?

There is more! Each track sounds very similar to the last and the vocals are stripped down to the usual guttural ones, more than frequently performed nowadays. The only song truly worth mentioning on this album is the opener Balls Deep In The Dead, which actually has several quality compositions, making the rest of the album even more disappointing. Botch’t Abortion will leave you frustrated and questioning if this was really it.

The reason? There are moments through the album where Bitchsplitter show they can write intensive, refreshing brutal riffs, though they rarely ever pursuit it by quickly switching back to their boring directionless grinding. On top of that, the recording quality is extremely raw, which can serve to the atmosphere, but in this case doesn’t. The guitars sound flat and emotionless, and the bass is not distinguishable through most of the album. The drums, pretty basic Grindcore blasting, are on the contrary fairly well mixed.

Bitchsplitter deliver us uninspired, Brutal Death. Botch’t Abortion is filled with aggravating, sloppy played riffs. Here and there, you can find a glitch of musicianship, but overall this release sinks below mediocrity. As they state themselves, they’re mainly influenced by booze, drugs and gore. This is indeed mostly what it sounds like: a couple of drunk guys hammering their instruments in a studio just for the heck of it.


5/10 Points – reviewed by Lyra

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