Cradle Of Filth – Damnation and a day

I actually got this CD yesterday. When we got it from a store, we noticed that the package was cracked and the booklett was a liiiiiiiiiiiitle damaged..This made me a bit mad, ‚cause i really like Cradle, and i prefer their cd’s to be in mint condition. Oh, well.. My friends thinks that i’m a perfektionist, but now we’re sidetracked!!! Back to the review! I put the cd in my player and prepared myself for a real experience. And that was what i got! Damnation And A Day isn’t like and album i’ve heard before! (Hmm.. Maybe it’s got something to do with the 40 piece orchestra, and the 32 piece choir..) It’s got so much dept and variation! Take for example track 5 „Damned In Any Language“ A very orchestral and symphonic track, followed up by a man who reads a part from the bible. Just after he says: „…and his angels were cast out with him!!!!“ the next track „Better To Reign In Hell“ starts immideately. And this track is nothing like Damned In Any Language.

It’s got brutal drums, dani screaming (as usual), etc. etc. This is one of the things that shows how varied this album is.

Damnation And A Day contains 17 new track, which is pretty much for a metal album these days, and one of these is Babalon A.D which is also avaiable as a DVD-singel. This is probably the most famous track (so far) from this new masterpiece.

So, the score?

10/10!! This is a god damn masterpiece!! I can’t find something wrong with it!! ….. What are you waiting for!! Go buy the album NOW!!!

reviewed by Zathyreon

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