Dead Christ Cult – Where it begins to remain

I didn’t get a lot of information with this CD, but I was told that the idea of the CD is to create ‚NS skinhead black-thrash‘ (ehm…?) … the lyrics are anti christian and anti-jewish, or at least that’s what

I’ve been told. The CD consists of 8 tracks, with a total running time of 28 minutes and two seconds. Like said, Dead Christ Cult operates in the black metal genre, and tries to sound somewhat like Bathory (they also sound somewhat like Angelcorpse) but unfortunatly doesn’t do so very well. When I first listened to it, nothing seemed to be wrong, but after a while I realised this band still needs to do a lot of work. The riffs and drums (computer) are a bit standard, and the band really needs to find another singer! This guy sounds like he has an abscess on his vocal chord… and though normally such words can be considered a plus if I said them, in this case they aren’t meant that way. This use of vocals is deliberate though, which makes it a question of taste…

In any case I don’t like it one bit. The production isn’t good either, it sounds a bit as if I’m listening from outside the studio.I don’t really mind a bad production on a demo, but if the songs aren’t good, a weak production can be the deathblow. The quality of this production and songs varies though, this is because the CD consists of two seperate demo’s. Overal it doesn’t make the quality consistent. The first song for example, sounds relatively okay. But in the second track, after some two minutes, some too-happy-sounding riffs spoil the song. These small things keep happening over the course of the CD, and because of that, I can’t really recommend it to most people. Just to be sure, I had a friend of mine listen to a couple of songs, and she agreed with my opinion: Black metal is about agression, spirit and evilness! And this band unfortunatly lacks in all these areas…


3/10 Points – reviewed by Bloodreaver

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