Declamatory – Nevolution

Genre: Power Trash Metal


01. Subconscious Mind Destruction

02. Nevolution

03. Desire/Despair

04. Predator’s Prey

Nevolutionis Declamatory’s fifth release. To a side note: I’m wondering why they bring out another demo seeing that their previous release was a full album. Declamatory has one thing especially: Power! Now I am not a big fan of Power Metal, but still there are some bands that reach my ears that also find consent, not least, if they rather play Power/Thrash Metal. The riff thunderstorm of the opening track Subconscious Mind Destruction gives us a new hair-do, with a shout and catchy chorus and altogether nicely fitting vocals by fronter Robert Scholich, so lack of power definitely is not an issue here. And this catchiness gets continued in the titel track Nevolution, driven forward by fat double-bass and enriched with very good melodies. But thankfully they do not only put the pedal to the metal, Desire/Despair is balefully slow-paced, yet without losing any of the intensity, but a very straight and catchy chorus, very good song! Predator’s Prey starts out with again some mid tempo Trash and edgy Power Metal, to lead out to an unorthodox hardcore sound in the end. Nice way to finish and to set the mark. The production has a lot of power too, everything is played pretty tightly and offers us a very good balance between the early Trash and Power combined with more modern elements. The vocals are varied and the drums are quite prominent. So altogether, I am suprised Declamatory hasn’t really attracted the attention of the masses before. Friends of Power Metal and even Trash Metal fans should definitely check these guys out. For everyone who’s interested in doing this: their previous album Mental Explosion is fully downloadable at their site When comparing this album with Nevolution, I do think they improved their skills once again concerning the technical Trash part of their style.


8/10 Points – reviewed by Lyra

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