Dynahead – Unknown

2004/2005 Sessions (Promo CD)

Trash Metal

01. Unbeliever

02. Into The Outside

03. Bloodish Eyes

04. Random Acts of Senseless Violence (Anthrax Tribute)

Coming from Brazil, Dynahead are a band who can count on something the majority of nowadays metal bands haplessly lack: a sound of their own.

Dynahead’s guitarists Diogo and Pablo produce highly catchy riffs, without leaning towards the commercial side. They will definitely get you into a trash groove with their killer hooks. A solid effort holding some excellent melodies, ranging from the old school vibe to a more progressive approach, emerging elements from heavy metal to classic rock music. Vocalist Caio really shines on this CD. His voice has a lot of variation, enough of a trash edge to fit perfectly with the band’s sound, and it has a distinctive sound to it. On top of that, Rafael’s drumming is flawless, it is done just the way it has to be done. All three of their own written tracks are very powerful and refreshing. The variations don’t sound as if they were pieced together, but are carried out with smooth transitions. This band is clearly not addicted to speed or brutal double-bass-abuse, rather to precise and tight musicianship.

The CD is set in motion by Unbeliever, immediately a good introduction to what Dynahead have to offer the metal fans. The overall mood almost feels jazzy, bringing forth the progressive elements of Dynahead’s compositions. Into The Outside is perhaps the most dynamic song of the CD. A varied melodic trash track with well-timed breaks and some superb leads. Followed is the emotional mid-tempo masher Bloodish Eyes. Caio’s clean vocals even have a Serj (System of a Down) touch to them during this track. To end with, there is the interesting Anthrax cover Random Acts of Senseless Violence, topped over with a true Dynahead flavour. The only aspect missing on this promo CD is a true trash monster, fast with an out of this world riffing, to snap the necks of the unexpected.

Dynahead leave a surprisingly professional impression, and not only through their music. Their artwork is a product of the amazing Gustavo Sazes (http://www.abstrata.net). Also, the Dynahead website is a pleasure to visit, which is often not the case when it concerns unsigned bands. It features beautifully designed merchandise, promotional pictures as well as live shots, a media section where you can download the complete promo CD, and all this amongst other valuable Dynahead information. They have the complete package to attract a decent label anytime now. Don’t miss out on their upcoming full length, it might become extremely memorable!


8/10 Points – reviewed by Lyra


official Website: http://www.dynahead.com.br

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