Impiety – Kaos Kommand 696

‚Bestial Genocidal Goatvomit‘, ‚Bloodred Angelshred‘ and ‚Christfuckingchrist‘ are just three songtitles of this really satanic CD. If you’re religious don’t buy this CD and don’t even THINK of reading the lyrics. Luckily most metalheads ain’t religious, so they can all enjoy the true evil on this record… The CD opens with a church choir which is being shredded to pieces by submachineguns after a few seconds. Then a distorted scream, followed up by eight songs (ten if you own the digipack like me) of violent black/thrash/death metal. It’s a bit of a typical Osmose record, gloomy and raw blackened thrash metal is their trademark. Impiety sounds a bit like Antheus, or even like Arkhon Infaustus.

These guys come from Singapore, and started out in 1990. They’ve been active for more than 13 years and you can hear that. Even though the CD is chaotic and distorted, and has a raw (I didn’t say: bad) production, they never seem to end up in utter dissaray. It’s just their style to be chaotic, and since they view themselves as very evil and very demonic, you shouldn’t be surprised. The digipack contains two bonustracks: ‚Black Church‘ (a Sextrash cover) and ‚Godess of Perversity'(Blasphemy cover).

I really enjoyed this CD and if you like this style of music you should really consider buying this thing (and it has a cool cover as well…)


8/10 Points – reviewed by Bloodreaver

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