Limbonic Art – The Ultimate Death Worship

Holy shit!! The most recent (and last) CD from Limbonic Art (R.I.P.) kicks some mayor ass! It kicks of with a short intro that puts you in the right mood for this masterpiece. Then follows a short mid-tempo part… and then… christbashingtime!! Limbonic Art is probably not unknown to most of you. To those who don’t know them: they mix dark, raw black metal with keyboards but do it in a way so much better than most other bands. The subtle electronic intrusions in the extremely agressive songs really make me shiver, in a positive way. There are also some really freaky intro’s on „the Ultimate Death Worship“, with the intro of the song „Towards the Oblivion of Dreams“ beeing the coolest in my opinion.

Such a pity that they’ve split up. Bands like these are the only reason my musical taste isn’t limited to death metal and grindcore. I’ve rarely heard such an agressive band before… Buy or die!


9/10 Points – reviewed by Bloodreaver

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