Namtar – Crusified Egoism

Since I didn’t have ANY info on Namtar, I’ll skip the introductions and just start talking about the music right away. Before you even think of listening to Crusified Egoisme, you should know that Namtar isn’t your average metalband. The first thing that came to my mind when listening to this CD was: „Wow, this is… unusual stuff…“ In fact, I really disliked the music the first time I heard it. The second time was a bit better, but only after several times of listening I got morcomfortable with it. I know that I’m rather conservatice when it comes to metal, but this REALLY is something different!

So what’s up then? Namtar’s music is hard to describe, but I think ‚very progressive black metal‘ is a reasonably fitting describtion. The band has a really weird guitar-sound… In fact I’m not even a 100% sure if Namtar really USES guitars (they *could* be keyboards??) The vocals are also quite original, they’re some sort of black metal ‚whispers‘. Combined with the guitars and the rapid computer-programmed blastbeats, Namtar manages to create a really depressing, hatefull atmosphere. Specially when you use Crusified Egoism as background music, you get the creeps without really realising why… well done!

So is everything perfect then? NO, I’m afraid not. The problem is the lack of variation, not only the tracks sound a lot like eachother, the riffs do too. I know Black- and deathmetal aren’t really well known for their variation, but it’s really bad here. Probably because the alternative guitar sounds is fairly limited. As a result, listening to one or two songs can be really cool, but listening to all 5 songs (plus cool intro & outro) in a row can get a bit boring. Even so, open minded metalheads might want to give this a chance, since it’s definetly something unique. My fave song? ‚Not from this world’…


7/10 Points – reviewed by Bloodreaver

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