Seize The Soul – Seize The Soul

01. Adorned In Ash
02. Hollowed Footsteps
03. Horde of Plague
04. Sheltered Walls

Due to the immense proportion the Metal scene has turned into, it can be extremely hard for impressive bands to find a suitable label. On the other hand, for record labels it is difficult to grasp what kind of talent is out on the streets. Personally, I would not think twice about offering Seize The Soul a deal if I was running a label. This uprising 4-piece, hailing from New York, comes at you hard and heavy with their first released demo.

Seize The Soul play great aggressive music, period. They are not pushing any musical boundaries, though will convince you right from the start. The primary thought after giving this demo a listen, which sums it up quite nicely, is: in your face, no bullshit Metal.

Seize The Soul cannot be defined as a Brutal Death Metal formation, nor a Melodic Death one. They will provide you straight forward Death Metal: well executed grunting and a double bass blast feast, topped over with some quality and maturely written guitar solos. All 3 songs, Adorned In Ash as intro not included, hold a great deal of promise, containing powerful, guitar-driven slabs of Death Metal with a fair portion of catchy hooks. Young band Seize The Soul also have a tinge of Hardcore in their music, giving it a slightly simpler feel. The tracks are somewhat one-dimensional, which works fine for neck activities, but doesn’t reach to Metallic divinity. Though, it’s of course only a matter of taste, as this formula might seem unoriginal to some, it has also many times before been proven to be highly successful. To add up, this self-titled demo has one of the most clear and in-depth recording sounds I have heard in a long while when it concerns first releases.


8/10 Points – reviewed by Lyra

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