Torian – Dreams Under Ice

Genre: Heavy/Power Metal


01. Torian

02. Into the Winter

03. Late Revenge

04. Leave this World Behind

05. History Falls

06. Born to Win

07. Decadence

08. Mind the Danger

09. The Flaming Overture

10. Souls of Fire

Total Time: 57:54 min

Torian, formed at the end of 2002, only found their current line up early 2003. Most of them already gathered some experience in previous bands. Guitarist and main song writer Carl Delius formerly played in Involved, Deadly Sin and Savallion Dawn. Vocalist Marc Hohlweck first sang with Imprisoned and Doktor Rockter. Torian was founded to play Heavy/Power Metal in the style of the Eighties. From the song writing and arrangements you can already hear you are dealing with experienced musicians here. The songs are strongly rooted in the traditional Heavy Metal. They switch from mid-paced songs such as Torian to more faster ones as for example Into the Winter. Everything sounds very powerful, driven by double bass combined with excellent melodies and a dynamic flow. Tobias Mix and Manuel Will deliver a solid rhythm over which Carl Delius and Alexander Thielmann lay their tight riffing. Finally, Marc pours over his strong voice. His vocals sound very expressive and catchy. The whole CD produces a remarkable maturity in song writing.

Torian delivers an accessible Heavy/Power Metal CD with a high amount of variety. It all sounds very impressive for a first full length album. Certainly also when knowing the album is self-produced. I would not be suprised to hear more of them in the future.


8/10 Points – reviewed by Lyra

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