Arkane [Soloprojekt]

Arkane is a solo project predominantly arranged by Pandelis (xIkonx), better known for his contributions to the disbanded pagan metal outfit Fiendish Nymph, and the Greek neo-folk outfit Daemonia Nymphe, whose debut CD was published by Prikosnovenie (France). Arkane differs from these previous projects in that Pandelis explores more ambient based expressions which culminate into a soundtrack of one man’s mysterious and fantasticimaginitive world. Arkane’s debut album, with the Fossil Dungeon, is a tapestry of various influences ranging from the bombastic and ritualistic to the melancholic and majestic, all woven together by threads of ambient atmospheres that reminisce of old Hellenic tr Inspired by the forgotten mystery cults and mythologies of ancient Greece, Arkane sets out to ignite the spirit of the past through its meditative compositions.

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