Askedal [BlackMetal]

ASKEDAL was founded by Nox in the past dark century. ASKEDAL (former known as „Dark Chapter“) was born to make people think about what they have and what they can expect of life. Many people are coming to an end that life is worthless, unimportant, useless. So ASKEDAL describes a way to help people after…commiting suicide.

If it seems that there is no hope – there is no hope!

ASKEDAL is a suicide black metal project founded by Nox who was the only musician til 2001.

A musician named Cholera followed his intention to join ASKEDAL, but he died during a car crash in 2002.

ASKEDAL is still no longer a one-man-band. There are serveral musicians which are also working in ASKEDAL now. You will find a short description of them right at the buttom.

ASKEDAL recorded serveral tapes and demos but nothing is released at this time, because Cholera died and Nox doesn’t want to release any material of that time. So it is time for a change, there will be releases in the near future. People will have to listen to the music of ASKEDAL. We will see what comes around with that.

The first official demo will be released at the end of 2004. A name isn’t fixed at this time. Sample: ASKEDAL – Suicide Terror Black Metal


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