Bunder Nekromunda [Grind/Noise]

Primary line up of Bunder Nekromunda forms in November 1998: Jaxxx – bass; Dharo – git. & voc.; Mahal – dr.; Kharol – git. Rehearsals are in MDK. For first 6 mouths group tryes to make some noise together. At that time there’s no name, nor precise music style.

Band make songs in style ftom industrial to punk . Some of them are: ‚Angel Dust‘, ‚Smurfs are Illusion pt.1‘, ‚Corporal Reflection‘. Since then the band in known as Bunder Nekromunda.The way they wants to go becomes obvious – songs should be filthy, fast and sick and riffs twisted and fucked up. Though Bunder Nekromunda don’t want to be perceived as death metal band

In May 1999 Bunder Nekromunda Plays their first concert in MCK. Everyons shits into panties, but everything goes as it should be – audience dies . During playing rehearsals every weekend Bunder Nekromunda with sadistic satisfaction destroys body and mind of Mr. Zybi B. ( protector of music section in MDK ). Also in MDK band recorded their first demo cd. Then Bunder Nekromunda was compeled to change the rehearsal ward. The concentrated on making new stuff in MCK.

After few mouths filled with gigs, rehearsals and alcohilic destructions the band is supporteb by new member. Edi stands behind microphone. In this line-up Bunder Nekromunda plays lot of gigs.

In July 2003 Bunder Nekromunda recorded demo cd ‚Songs of Filth & Deviation‘ and begun to infect underground scene with their ‚creation’…

official Website: http://bundernekromunda.metal.pl

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