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Genital Grinder – Abduction

Eyes Of The Dead Prod.s is proud to unleash to the masses the new GENITAL GRINDER full length CD titled „Abduction“. Fuck yes! These prime movers of italian death metal scene (they’re active since 1990 under the monicker Mass Slaughter) are… Weiterlesen →

INHUMATE 6th full length album „Expulsed“ is unleashed now

Check some sound HERE Regular price on the attached flyer, write back for wholesale Underground sick ethics at its highest level !

Inhumate special News

We’re proud to announce that INHUMATE 6th album Expulsed will be unleashed soon ! Check the following LINK and share it all over this fucking planet ! Btw, please note that the release party will happen in Nancy (France) on… Weiterlesen →


SEDATIVE was created in 2000 by two guitarists, Nico and Rico, and with the help of a rhythm box they played a fast and sharp grind / death. After some changes the lineup evolved and is now complete with Nico… Weiterlesen →

Bunder Nekromunda [Grind/Noise]

Primary line up of Bunder Nekromunda forms in November 1998: Jaxxx – bass; Dharo – git. & voc.; Mahal – dr.; Kharol – git. Rehearsals are in MDK. For first 6 mouths group tryes to make some noise together. At… Weiterlesen →

Terminally Your Aborted Ghost [Death/Grind]

This horrid shit storm started years ago. It was started by Devon Wedge (Vocals) and Scott Smith (Drums) as a nameless noise/gore/grind band in the year 1999. It never yeilded anything substancial, so the two parted ways to persue other… Weiterlesen →

Transgression [Death/Grind]

Anfang 1997 wurde TRANSGRESSION auf die initiative von Rene´ gegründet. Man hat gut ein halbes Jahr und ca. 1 Dutzend Drummer gebraucht um zu einer guten Formation zu gelangen. Diese setzte sich aus dem Initiator Rene´ Hollweg (28, Gitarre), Dave… Weiterlesen →

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