DanDare [Hardcore]

DanDare is an old school hardcore punk thrash band that started in 1989. Our songs are basically about individual freedom, thinking for yourself, and all developments in human society that are a threat to this, like fascism, nazism, intolerance, repression and so on. Thinking for yourself does not mean thinking solely about yourself and not caring about what happens in the world around you. It means thinking critically about oneself and what goes on in the world, whether it is on an individual or a collective level. We believe that individuals should have the opportunity to become aware of what goes on and to grow to what one might call complete human beings. Everything that hinders this development is considered to be a danger to individual people and in the end to society at large. Music might not have the power to change the world, but it can have a meaning by shedding a light on topics and express views and opinions. That is what we are trying to achieve through our music. In the end we are all in this together, so we better make it good..

official Website: http://www.dandare.nl

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