D.O.D. [Grind/Doom/Black]

D.O.D. started out as a school project when other people play crappy covers of Spin Docters. Live, U2 cranberries and other crap.D.O.D. play fast DOOM CRUST with influence from black metal grind and hardcore. After kicked out of school the opened the Hoeckrock festival and released there first record diciples of darkness on W.E.C.F.B. REKORDS 20 minutes of total noise about the war on terrorism matrix/msn junks, Tibetan human rights and animals who are living in concentration camps so humans can eat them with the holidays. In 2003 the released there tape CHAOS WORLD and in 2004 the will record there first full length album.

official Website: http://www.geocities.com/heavylorddoom/dod.htm

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