DynamoWar [HeavyMetal]

Epic literature, Mythology, Mysticism, Plagues, Wars, last Glories, Fire and steel.Brazil, formed in 2002.That is the essence of the work of DynamoWar, quartet of Heavy Metal of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

The actual line-up is:
Cristenssen Sass (Guitar and vocal)
Cleros Camargo (Guitar)
Luciano Félix (Bass player)
Fernando Insano (Drums)

They released in 2003 his first Demo Cd entitled Absolute Highest Conqueror, the mixture of weight, aggressiveness and melody had excellent receptivity and it provoked animated reactions of the I public of the whole undreground circuit, fact that was registered in the Cd Demo Total Metal Attack (released in the same year by the fan club of the band). 2004 begins with DynamoWar negotiating with several recording specialized and they released his 2nd entitled Demo Iron Age. In the moment besides the shows of popularization of the new work DynamoWar gets ready for the recording of his debut to be released by Mega Hard Record’s

official Website: http://www.dynamowar.com

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