End7 [NuMetal]


Vocals Tuomo
Drums Toby
Guitars, Vocals Jukka
Bass, Vocals

Our vocalist, Santtu’s computer music project took the form of a band in the year 2001 when he asked Toby to arrange his music to be played with live instruments. Immediately Tuomo came along to play the drums and Jukka to play the bass. END7 was born.

END7 is a Finnish band, originally from Seinäjoki, that consist of four members. Santtu does the shouting and rapping, and is also the biggest influential person when writing the lyrics and creating the rhymes. Toby is the guitarist and background vocalist, and with the other members of the band he composes most parts of the songs. The whole group is involved when putting the parts together. While playing the bass guitar Jukka also sings background vocals. Tuomo is the drummer and the webmaster of our website.

Our music style is metal, between alternative and rapcore, mixed with emotions and aggression – rap, shouting and clean, beautiful background vocals here and there. These are combined with soulful melodic atmosphere, powerful disortion guitars and energetic beats. Computers still have a role in our music and most likely the use of them will increase in the following releases.

In the future we will concentrate on doing gigs, hopefully a lot of them, and compose new songs. A new release is planned for the summer of 2004, an EP containing possibly 4 brand new songs that’ll kick your ass.

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A contract with ROC Media Group was made and our music was played in various TV-programs on MTV3, SubTV and Urheilukanava (major Finnish tv-channels). „Prime“ was selected track of the day on GarageBand.com. We won a weekly demo-contest on YleX (major Finnish radio station).

We spread our wings a little bit by performing our first gig in Bar 15, Seinäjoki. Our first EP, titled „6543210“, was released. Here we are now to rock your fucking world!

Deviant changes the name to END7 after numerous name proposals and a long period of thinking.

Santtu’s computer music project, Deviant, desides to do an EP. Toby comes along to play the guitar and also to produce the album. They search for a bass player and a drummer, find Jukka, and finally Tuomo. The band has its current form.

official Website: http://viha.net/end7

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