Eternal Tragedy [DeathMetal]

Towards the end of 1999,ETERNAL TRAGEDY started musical activity under the name of Metal ‚Til Death,an epic-classic metal influenced band,but nothing has ever been recorded under this name because a line up has never been found.In 2001 the first demo of ETERNAL TRAGEDY has fbeen recorded.DREAMWORLD and MURDER OF SOULS were the inally songs contained in it.The line up of that time was formed by Stefania Ponzilacqua,leader,guitarist and writer of all songs since the beginning,occasionally singer on Dreamworld,Valentina Ponzilacqua on bass,Alessandro Patelli on drums and Andrea M. on vocals;that line up broke up almost immediately,for musical incomprehensions.The first demo seemed to be very sperimental and demonstrative.Critics‘ opinions had been divided by it:some said it was progressive comparing it to Dream Theater’s style,others said it was death metal,assigning to that work the mark of Death,particularly referring to Individual Thought Patterns.That demo got very nice reviews from USA,Argentina,Greece,Italy and Australia,where it has been broadcasted by the radio programme Musically Incorrect.All this helped Stefania to get interviews on webzines,magazines and newspapers from everywhere.At the end of 2002,beginning of 2003,Stefania composed other riffs,and even if without line up,she recorded two songs of hers,ETERNAL TRAGEDY and OUTSIDE OF MERCY for a new demo,VOICE OF INSTINCT,playing guitars,bass and singing as well,thanks to a sequenced metronome.This demo is more technic death metal oriented,not only fo all the guitar parts,but for the grunt sang parts as well.Due to the difficulty of the songs,only one year later Stefania finally found a drummer to complete the line up and to finish the recordings:Iwan Hendrikx. At the moment,Stefania is working on several songs for a full lenght.

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