Eternity Void [Death/Doom]

Eternity Void came together in the summer of 2003 as a result of Mike and Evan’s desire to get together and play metal. After writing and recording 2 songs they recruited high school friend and former bandmate (in other musical endeavors) Josh Safer for Bass duties. They put together a 5 song demo and played a good amount of shows under this lineup in the fall of 2003.

2004 brought the band’s first lineup change, namely, the addition of long time friend and master pianist Doug Smith taking over the position of Bass guitar. Some of the best shows around this time took place in South Jersey, specifically Galloway and Brigantine.

Towards the end of January and into February of 2004, the band recorded 2 more songs, basically to have recordings which were representative of their sound at that point. Shows continued into the Spring, some of the best taking place in New Egypt and Allentown.

In the early summer of 2004, the band decided it was time to expand their capabilities, adding Severed Hand bassist Mitch Burger to their lineup. Mitch’s presence brought a new dimension to the band, and Doug moved to the position of guitar. Having two guitars enhanced the band’s sound greatly.

However, after Doug’s departure to college in Lancaster PA in the fall of 2004, it was clear that it would be impossible for him to continue playing with the band, because of the complciations of not being able to come home. This was mutually understood, and the departure was on good terms. Evan and Doug plan to play Jazz together next summer with Count Dracula (Dan Romans) on drums.

Right now, the band has just finished work on their most comprehensive recording to date. The result is Torrents of Devastation, a 6-track MCD, out now on Side to Side Records.

Drawing on many different aspects of music, but always favoring the darker ones, New Jersey’s Eternity Void create dark atmospheres and haunting melodies that chill to the bone. Blending their gloomy aura with absolute brutality, the band’s sound has been described as “ambient black metal,” “doom metal” and even “classically influenced.”

For fans of Opeth, At The Gates, Immortal, and My Dying Bride

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