Fallen Yggdrasil [DeathMetal]

Title: „In no sense Innocence“ MCD

Label: Supreme Chaos Records (SCR 03)

Style: Varied Death Metal

Running time: 24 minutes (6 songs)

Street date: February 2003

Since 1997 FALLEN YGGDRASIL are working on their musical vision unimpressed of trends. The band from Tübingen / Germany mixes brutal Death Metal with melodic elements and parts that are more or less unusual in this genre. The present result of their work is the MCD „In no sense Innocence“ which will be out in February 2003.


*In 1997 FALLEN YGGDRASIL came to life.

*In 1998 FALLEN YGGDRASIL entered the scene with their first official demo „Odyssey in Sorrow“. „Odyssey…“ recieved very good reviews and sold in a four-digit edition. Back then the band was already awarded „intensity“ and „originality“ and it was called „one of the most promising acts“. Following this, FALLEN YGGDRASIL played a lot of concerts at home and abroad also with more known bands such as Night In Gales, Centinex, Goddess Of Desire, Fleshcrawl and many more.

*In the beginning of the year 2000 this success was continued through the release of a 7″ (limited to 500 copies, sold-out) until the trend was being held back by line-up changes.

*In 2001 a „completely renewed“ band played around 30 concerts in Germany and abroad. Prepared like this the Maranis-Studios were entered in October where „In no sense Innocence“ was recorded under the guidance of Vagelis Maranis (ex-Sanvoisen).

*In 2002 „In no sense Innocence“ was released as a self-financed record and it recieved very good reviews (see press). The band also kept up the live activities of the years gone-by and couldn`t even be held up by some new line-up changes in the spring of 2002. End of 2002 FALLEN YGGDRASIL joined forces with the German label SUPREME CHAOS RECORDS, which offered to re-release “In no sense Innocence” under their flag.

*Now, in 2003 the official edition of “In no sense Innocence” is ready to be unleashed upon mankind.



1. New Age Mephisto

2. You Suicide Me

3. Crown of all Creatures

4. In no sense Innocence

5. Odyssey In Sorrow

6. Nightflower

Line – Up:

Simon: Vocals

Raffael: Guitar

Molch: Drums

Suli: Bass (new!)

Denno: Guitar (new!)

PRESS („In no sense Innocence“): „in my opinion Fallen Yggdrasil are amongst the most promising Death Metal bands of this country“ (ETERNITY); „My favorite german Death Metal band! This band is simply a must for every Death Metal maniac“ (NEMESIS); „One of my favorites of this year…just buy this one blindly“ (MUSKETEER OF DEATH); „It never gets boring and that is a really good thing“ (EARSHOT, 7/7); „Fallen Yggdrasil already got me very enthusiastic with their live shows. The first professionally recorded album doesn`t only convince me because of the good technical quality but also with its individual and simply wonderful sound“ (BLOODDAWN, 6/6) „To shortly summarize this review: Buy this one!“ (SCHWERMETALL, 6/6); „Result: Fallen Yggdrasil are big hopefuls in the death-metal-underground! Support these guys in their triumphal procession!“ (VATES NOCTIS); „Extra-class death metal“ (MORDOR, 10/10); „What they come out with leaves some major-acts look quite old. Check it out!“ (METAL.de); „All 6 tracks can be defined as rally cool and hammering material“ (FATAL UNDERGROUND); „The impression of this record hammers its deadly passages into every fanatic death-metal-brain“ (ARISING REALM).

Management / Bandcontact / Info:

Kratzer, Von-der-Tann- Str. 42

69126 Heidelberg / Germany

Label / Distribution:

Supreme Chaos Records , Gäubahnstr. 7

70191 Stuttgart/Germany

official Website: http://www.fallen-yggdrasil.de

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