Fear The Future [Heavy/Black/Death]

FEAR the FUTURE was formed in late 2002, in Nässjö Sweden. Our aim is to make modern, dark and aggressive music. Some of the founding members have been in other bands from the region and demos date as far back as 1992 for those with very good memory.

FEAR the FUTURE draws heavy influences from both the past and presentdeath/black-metal scene. Some of our influences are obvious in our tunes and we takepride in this since we would be nothing without the great deeds of the bands thatcarved out the

underground in years passed. However, FEAR the FUTURE also tries to incorporate new influences as well and we try to stay open-minded not clinging on to the mantra of what is „true“ and what is not. This makes the sound a bit different than one expects from a Swedish metal-act with its roots in the Scandinavian soil of black, death and thrash-metal. And who knows what the future holds? All we know is that FEAR is a part of it… in one way or another.

We made our first official recording in early September. A studio-session of 3 days gave life to DEMO 1: 2003. It is a rough recording but serves as a small sample of what the band is about. It is released in only 100 copies on CD:s and will not be out for sale, only as free-copies. By making it available through the net, we hope everyone interested will be able to grab the tunes.

official Website: http://www.fearthefuture.se

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