Fungoid Stream [Symphonic Doom]

„Being a doom metal listener, a musician, a voracious reader and a H.P. Lovecraft’s literature cultist since my very childhood, I’ve decided to create a band that could agglutinate all these aspects: Fungoid Stream was founded by later 2003.

Our full lenght CD, „Celaenus Fragments“, was already recorded in the first days of march 2004. To choose a vocalist was not difficult, I’ve asked to my friend Simon O., who has exactly the same artistic preferences than me, to perform that rol.

After that, we, Fungoid Stream, succeded in releasing „Celaenus Fragments“ through Furias Records, one of the most important southamerican labels in alternative and underground metal genres.

Since the first time, both of us decided to base the lyrics on H.P. Lovecraft poetry, as an hommage to our most venerated writer.

The name of the band is, of course, related to the H.P.Lovecraft’s narrative. Fungoid is referred to the fungoid creatures of the Yuggoth -the fungous blackish planet in the border of the Solar System- who had outposts in the Vermont Hills and in the Himalayas. Stream stands for the continuous references of migration streams of several races throughout the cosmos, the non-continuum cosmos and the time itself, along the literature of H. P. Lovecraft.

Our hommage is humble, but it is doomishly hearted.“

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