Furtherlo [Heavy/Aggressive]

Like a downward spiral of quicksand that sucks it’s victims into a poisonous mixture, suffocating the lungs and paralyzing the body, the music of this Columbus, Ohio based quintet is a sonically toxic mix of musical elements that possess and captivate the body and soul of the listener. Sink with us further and immerse yourself in the world of Further Lo. Further Lo was founded in the winter of 2001 by guitarists Randy Reynolds (formerly of Soul Destruction), and Donnie Davis (formerly of Hybrid Nation). With Reynolds and Davis at the helm, the band drew from roots in death, southern, and early 80’s metal and initially recorded threedemo songs at the world famous Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio. The Songs “The Actor”, “I Bleed”, And “untitled”, featured lyrics and lead vocals by Donnie Davis. The band was soon joined by Jeff Zarate (formerly of Laid to Rest) who brought old-school thrash and death metal influences to the mix. Also joining the ranks of Further Lo was bassist Sean Miller (formerly of Mad Axe, Sakajaweeda)who brought the influence of classic rock,and old-school metal. Satisfying Donnie’s desire to concentrate on guitar playing and back-up vocals, the line-up was changed again with the addition of Aaron Werner (formerly of Soul Destruction) who brought the band the influence of electronic industrial and death metal. The line-up was finally rounded out with Turk Elliot (formerly of Soul Destruction) who replaced Jeff Zarate on drums so that he could pursue his college degree. Turk brought a much harder groove oriented beat to steer the Further Lo vessel.

With this diverse and at times obscure mixture of musical input, Further Lo made its line-up debut in November of 2002 at the billiard club in their home town. With two brand new songs, new lyrics, and a new voice, they immerged with a vengeance that was apparent to all who witnessed. From the additional light show specially constructed by the band, to Aaron’s Kiss inspired “fire-spitting” display, Further Lo fulfilled the first phase of its goal to create a total spectacle environment to their audience.

As Further Lo moves forward, the band’s goals are to continue to build its song arsenal with their unique writing chemistry, dominate the club circuit with their original sound, build a stronger fan base, and release their first ever full length CD.

official Website: http://www.furtherlo.com

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