Head Hammer [Thrash/Death]

HEAD HAMMER was formed on the 23/9/04

By Jason(ex-UnholyWar & ex-Assembled Vocalist), Michael(ex-UnholyWar Guitarist), Vince(ex- Assembled Guitarist & ex-ZOA Guitarist). Later on Aaron(ex-ZOA Bassits) joined HEAD HAMMER as our Bassist .We then got in touch with Zac(current Reign In Sin Drummer) through a friend we organised an audition for him. He blew our minds away with his Outstanding talent, Our jaws basicly hit the ground, He gladly accepted the position of being HEAD HAMMER’s Drummer.Later on Vince and Aaron left the band, We searched for only a short time and was blessed with the talent of Ben. Who completed the HEAD HAMMER line up.

That has bought us to were we are now.

– HEAD HAMMER have been furiously writing new material and jamming our asses off!.

– HEAD HAMMER have done a couple of gigs and have organised a few for the not to distant future.

– HEAD HAMMER have currently recorded „Bang Ur Head“ our demo, which is available on this site.

-HEAD HAMMER are currently looking to perform at Bloodlust V

– HEAD HAMMER have recently gotten one of their songs on the Underearthed 3 compilation.

– HEAD HAMMER have been ranked 3rd on the mp3 Metal Charts for more than a month www.mp3.com.au/headhammer/

HEAD HAMMER would like to thank everyone who has and is supporting us and Thank you for looking at our site.

official Website: http://www.headhammer.tk

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